How Old — and Dangerous — Are Your Tires?

The Website uses cookies. By continuing to use this website, you consent to our use of these cookies. Find out more. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. When it comes to motorcycle safety, the tires you use are an integral part of keeping your bike on the road. Knowing how to tell the age of a tire is extremely important. Everything from the type of tire and the tread can affect its ability to stay on the road, and its age plays a role as well.

How to: Read Tire Date Codes

Since , the week and year the tire was produced has been provided by the last four digits of the Tire Identification Number TIN with the 2 digits being used to identify the week immediately preceding the 2 digits used to identify the year. If you don’t visibly see the DOT tire code with the date code from the outside view, then you’ll need to view the other side of the tire. The Tire Identification Number for tires produced prior to was based on the assumption that tires would not be in service for ten years.

While they were required to provide the same information as today’s tires, the week and year the tire was produced was contained in the last three digits. The 2 digits used to identify the week a tire was manufactured immediately preceded a single digit used to identify the year.

The last two numbers identify the year of manufacture (e.g., a tire with the information “DOT XXXXXXX” was manufactured in the 27th week of ). For tires.

A frequent question about tire maintenance concerns service life. How long will your tires last before you should replace them? The answer depends on different factors such as your driving style, the tread design of the tire, regional climate, road conditions, and how frequently the car is in use. Another factor is you, the driver. Just like the rest of the vehicle, you have an essential role in the care and maintenance of the tires on your wheels; they will last longer the better you look after them.

You’re also responsible for deciding when it’s time to replace worn tires with new tires. Use the following guidelines to assess the point of maximum service life for your tires.

Tire Identification Number

The chronological age of any tire can be found on the tire sidewall by examining the characters following the symbol “DOT”. The last four numbers identify the date of manufacture of the tire to the nearest week. The first two of these four numbers identify the week of manufacture which range from “01” to “53”.

Tire Date Code and How to Read It. Don’t Panic! S Department of Transportation. The DOT code indicates the tire meets date federal standards, these.

Luckily, you maintain control and safely maneuver to the side of the road. The tires are new, purchased a few months ago from a local tire shop. How could this happen to new tires? The fact is that all tires have an expiration date. Surprisingly, many consumers and sellers of tires do not know about tire expiration dates. An uninformed consumer thinks he or she purchased brand new tires when in reality those tires may have been sitting on the shelf for years.

Even though the tires were never used on a vehicle, they are still several years old.

How old are my tires?

Decoding your car’s tire information doesn’t require flipping through the owner’s manual. All the information you need is right there on the sidewall. You just have to know how to crack the code.

The rubber in tires deteriorates over time due to UV and environmental exposure. The resulting “dry rot” leaves tire structure brittle and leads to.

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DOT Date Code & Tire Age Explained

Already have an account? Would some photos help? Maybe a trip to a Goodyear dealer? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Department of Transportation tire safety standards. Below is a description of the serial number.

Read the manufacturing date of your tires from the DOT code. Find out whether your tires are safe!

The width indicates the widest point of a tire from sidewall to sidewall. Some tires have a P or LT in front of the tire width, identifying them for passenger or light truck use. The aspect ratio is the dimensional relationship of the section height to the section width. Tires with an “R” indicate radial tire construction. The load index number and speed symbol correspond to the maximum load-carrying capacity of the tire and its maximum speed capability.

The diameter is the size of the wheel from one side to the other. The DOT tire identification number indicates compliance with all safety standards established by the U. Department of Transportation and provides additional information about the tire manufacturer. The UTQG code provides consumers with information on tire treadwear, traction, and operating temperature resistance.

The sidewall of a tire includes a variety of important information. The numbers and letters identify dimensions and performance standards that allow you to compare tires more accurately and efficiently. This diagram will help you to understand those numbers and letters. For assistance in selecting a replacement tire, always consult your Toyo Tires dealer. The load index is an assigned number that corresponds with the load-carrying capacity of the tire.


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Each new tire manufacturer must conspicuously label on one sidewall of each tire it manufactures, except non-pneumatic tires or non-pneumatic tire assemblies, by permanently molding into or onto the sidewall, in the manner and location specified in Figure 1, a TIN consisting of 13 symbols and containing the information set forth in paragraphs b 1 through b 3 of this section.

See 49 CFR part Each tire retreader must conspicuously label at least one sidewall of each tire it retreads by permanently molding or branding into or onto the sidewall, in the manner and location specified by Figure 2, a TIN consisting of seven symbols and containing the information set forth in paragraphs b 1 and b 3 of this section. Each manufacturer of a non-pneumatic tire or non-pneumatic tire assembly must permanently mold, stamp, or otherwise permanently mark into or onto at least one side of the non-pneumatic tire or non-pneumatic tire assembly a TIN consisting of 13 symbols and containing the information set forth in paragraphs b 1 through b 3 of this section.

Manufacturers or retreaders of tires exclusively for mileage-contract purchasers may, instead of meeting any other requirements of this section, permanently mold into or onto the tire sidewall in lettering at least 6 mm 0. NHTSA will assign to tire manufacturers who were previously assigned a plant code consisting of two symbols a new three-symbol plant code to replace each two-symbol plant code.

A manufacturer may continue to use a previously assigned two-symbol plant code until April 13, Manufacturers who use a two-symbol plant code must comply with paragraph g of this section in lieu of the requirements in paragraph b of this section. Retreaders may also optionally comply with paragraph g of this section in lieu of paragraph b of this section until April 13,

How to Tell When a Motorcycle Tire Was Made: Deciphering Tire Codes

Tires are just about the most important part of your car. If they’re in bad shape, the car’s ability to accelerate, stop, and turn in all conditions is greatly compromised. Everybody knows to replace tires when the tread gets down to the wear bar, but what about when they get too old? The rubber in tires deteriorates over time due to UV and environmental exposure.

The resulting “dry rot” leaves tire structure brittle and leads to sidewall damage and eventual failure. This isn’t “Oh I’ll just fill it up and drive on it.

the last two digits of the DOT code. The last two digits are the year of manufacture. If the last two digits are 07, for example, the.

Tires have very useful information molded onto their sidewall. It shows the brand and model name of the tire, its size, whether it is tubeless or tube type, the maximum load and the maximum inflation, safety warning s , and much more. The load range identifies the tire’s load and inflation limits. Load Index – The load index is a numerical code associated with the maximum load a tire can carry at the speed indicated by its speed symbol under specified service conditions.

The load index should not be used independently to determine replacement tire acceptability for load capacity. Max Load kg lbs and kPa 35 psi Max Pressure Cold — Passenger Example indicates maximum load and maximum cold inflation pressure of the tire. Sidewall markings are given in both metric and English units. Max Load Single kg lbs at kPa 80 psi Max Pressure Cold Max Load Dual kg lbs at kPa 80 psi Max Pressure Cold — Light Truck Example indicates the maximum load of the tire and corresponding maximum cold inflation pressure for that load when used in a single or dual configuration.

Department of Transportation U. DOT tire safety performance standards.

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The condition of the tires on a car are what determines a car’s capabilities in terms of acceleration, braking and cornering. The rubber on a car tire degrades over time, and tire warranties can be tied to manufacturing dates. Every tire sold in the United States has a date code stamped on it. The date code will let you know when tires need to be replaced. Use a flashlight to find the Department of Transportation code on the tire.

Read the last two digits of the DOT code.

Nitto passenger and light truck tires are designed and constructed to provide thousands of miles of excellent service. Like all tires, however, their safe and.

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How to Read Tire Size